Learn all about baccarat bets to understand what is the best baccarat betting strategy you can use to excel at your game.

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Baccarat Bets

In case you’ve wanted to gain the knowledge of baccarat bets, you’re in the right place! Understanding baccarat bets will make it easier for you to play baccarat and develop the best baccarat betting strategy. Well, this guide covers it all! From the basic types of baccarat bets to the baccarat side bets – you’ll learn all about it. Develop your baccarat betting tips by understanding the various types of baccarat bets.

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Baccarat Bets

Basic Baccarat Bets

The three main bets in baccarat, banker, player and tie, each have a different likelihood of occurring in a game of baccarat, so one of the grounding statistics you should know if you want to play strategically. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these baccarat bets to give a detailed picture of the choices you have available to you. Take a look at these types of bets and create your baccarat betting tips:


This is a bet that the banker will end up with a winning hand, with points higher than the player. The likelihood of a banker bet winning is slightly higher than the odds of a player bet winning. Because of the house edge, usually a percentage of at least 1%, the banker always has a bit of a lead over the player as far as making a return. That taken in mind and other factors like the number of decks, the percentages will change depending on the specifics of where you are playing.


This is a bet that the player will beat the “banker” or dealer by getting a higher value of points. As described in the banker section, this bet is slightly less likely than a banker bet to win. That said, you can reap a better payoff from a player bet, so it’s not necessary to cross out player bets from consideration altogether. Some people especially enjoy betting on the player because they get to bet on their own cards winning. It’s also worth thinking about changing between the banker and player bets to see if it affects your odds of winning.

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The third major betting option in baccarat, the tie bet, is a bet placed on the player and banker reaching a stalemate. That means for a tie to occur, the player and banker must end up with the exact same amount of points in their hand. Since there are so many more possibilities for the player and banker’s hands being different than there are chances that their hands will be the same, the chances of a tie are quite low in baccarat. But in spite of this, the tie bet has its own merits. A tie pays out far more than the other two main baccarat bets, 8 to 1, making it a lucrative option when it does indeed occur.

Baccarat Side Bets

In addition to the regular baccarat bets placed on the player, banker or tie, there are also a number of other baccarat side bets which can be placed in certain kinds of baccarat. Some examples of the kinds of side bets which can be placed are:

  • dragon bonus bets
  • 4-5-6 bets
  • big and small bets
  • either pair bets
  • perfect pair bets
  • lucky bonus bets
  • royal match bets
  • all red/ all black bets
  • colour in majority bets
  • bellagio bets
  • first two banker/ player cards same suit bets
  • total points over/ under 9.5 bets
  • total points odd/ even bets
  • matching dragon bets
  • lucky 8 bets
  • rabbit play bets
  • quik bets
  • power 8’s bets
  • lucky max bets

We’ll go over a few of the different kinds of side bets, focusing on the most popular ones.

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Dragon Bonus

This is a popular side bet placed in mini-baccarat. It is based on the number of points one of the parties will win by, so for example that the banker will lead by 4 points, etc. Check out the Baccarat Side Bet Odds section for detailed statistics on the dragon bonus side bet.

4-5-6 Bet

This kind of side bet is placed on what the final number of cards there will be in a game of baccarat. There are three options: 4, 5 or 6, which is what gives this side bet its name. It’s a fairly simple side bet to understand since it just deals with the number of cards laid on the table, not with what is on those cards or how many points they’re worth. Apparently, this baccarat side bet came from the casino at the Atlantic City Hilton hotel, giving it a special status in baccarat.

Big and Small

You can find Big and Small bets at online casinos which use Playtech software. It is basically the same as the 4 bet we just covered above in the 4-5-6 bet section.

The big bet pays out if the total number of cards is either 5 or 6. This bet pays out .54 to 1. In a game played with six decks of cards, the probability of winning with a big bet is 61.1075% and the house edge is 4.35445%.

The small bet pays out 3 to 2 if the total number of cards from the player and banker’s hands is 4. That makes the probability of winning in a game played with 6 decks 37.8925% with a house edge of 5.26875%.

Either Pair, Lucky Pairs

Either pair bet is also a Playtech software creation and can be found in online casinos which run on this software. It is also known as “lucky pairs”. This bet pays out if the first two cards to be laid down, one each from the banker and the player, form a pair together. That means for example that if the player and banker each get a 7 as their first card, you have a win on either pair bet. This goes for all other pairs of cards, including face cards with no point value. A win on either pair bet will pay out 5 to 1, so it’s a valuable side bet when it wins.

Best baccarat betting strategy – Conclusion

We hope we provided you with the valuable info regarding different types of baccarat bets, including baccarat side bets too. Interested in learning more about baccarat terms & glossary? Check out our review then.

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