Baccarat is a casino game much associated with the fictional character James Bond whose card game of choice was nothing other than Baccarat. He has been used as the main character for many novels in which he explains the rules and strategies in playing Baccarat.

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How To Play Baccarat Online

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Many gamblers don’t have a clue on how to play baccarat online. The game of baccarat is actually quite simple to grasp and is one of the most enjoyable casino games. In this guide, you will learn all that it takes to play baccarat online. if you want to play baccarat online live, you’re in the right place! Learn how to play baccarat online with our guide.



How To Play Baccarat Online

Learn How to Play Baccarat Online – Differences From Land-Based Casinos

Playing baccarat in an online casino is much the same as in the land-based casinos. Just follow the basic baccarat game rules and you’ll be able to perform well in online casinos as well. Therefore, a comprehensive guide on how to play baccarat online must provide a description of baccarat rules & strategies.

The main thing with playing baccarat online is that you can play it from your home via the online interface provided by your favourite online casino providers. If you loathe classical casinos, online baccarat may be the perfect choice for you.

Playing With the Bonuses

Baccarat is a great game to play with bonuses as the odds offered are higher than in most other games. It is, however, important to check the casino’s bonuses first as some casinos can have different requirements. Some casinos will not even allow players to play certain games with the bonuses. Some will require the gambler to play a number of games before finally being able to withdraw the money. Just make sure to check if the bonuses that online casino operators provide apply to their online baccarat games, too. 


Strategies to Play Baccarat Online Live

Of course, the game of baccarat is mostly based on luck and the player can usually relax after placing the bet. However, certain strategies can help you increase the probability that you will walk away a winner. The strategy on how to play baccarat online is very similar to playing baccarat in regular casinos. You just need to understand the rules.

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Take into Consideration Baccarat Odds

It is important to understand the baccarat odds before placing a bet. The odds for the banker to win will usually be at about 44.6% and will pay out in a ration of 1:1, with a percentage of the money going to the casino. The player has higher odds at about 45.8% and the payout is in a similar ration, but with no cut for the casino. The odds of the game ending up in a tie are close to nothing, at about 9.5%. This is the reason why betting on the game ending in a draw involves much higher odds of 8:1 or 9:1. As a baccarat player, you need to avoid placing bets on a tie since the likelihood of this ever happening is very low.


Bet on the Banker

The confirmed strategy for a long-term game is to bet on the banker. The banker has the higher probability of winning and is, therefore, the safest to bet on for a longer time. The bet on a tie is known as ‘sucker bet’ since this is the worst bet a gamer can make.

With this, the house edge is very low at less than 1%, making it one of the games with the highest probability of the player getting a win. This, however, means that if you bet on the player many games, there is a probability that you will lose about 1% of the times.

Another important point to note is that the game usually has a pattern. As a gambler, you can keep your eyes open for a pattern on who is winning and how many times. You may notice a pattern and use it to your advantage. This notion also applies to online baccarat and provides you with the answer on how to play baccarat online.

Keeping Track of Your Bankroll

Keeping track of your bankroll is part of a great gaming strategy. Many gamblers go in to play baccarat and other casino games with no idea of how much money they can spend on the game, and when they can stop. Without deciding on these exact figures beforehand, one can very easily be swayed to spend more and more money and go broke gaming.

The bankroll plan should also include how much money you can be content with. At some point, you may win a lot of money and your brain tries to mislead you into spending more money. The logic behind this is usually that it is your lucky day, which of course may be true; but probably is not. For this reason, it is important to decide what amount of money you can spend and lose, and what amount you will stop at after making some winnings.


Choose the Game Variations

Another important tip when playing baccarat online is to first find out what variation of the game you are playing. This is usually indicated. If you are not sure about it, you can check up the rules of the game, and then place your bet after you find this out.

In baccarat banque and chemin de fer, if you are playing online, it is important to remember the etiquette and place your bet on the same side as the rest of the players. Also, it is considered good etiquette to play it safe. Playing safe means that you only deal when your cards add up to 4 or less. If your cards total to 6 or more, then it is safe to stand. This is especially important when you are representing the rest of the players. In some cases, the games of baccarat banque and chemin de fer can be played solo.

Advantages of Playing Baccarat Online

  • Playing baccarat offline involves some traditional etiquette which can affect your making of decisions. One of these is the need for you to bet on the side of the majority of the players. In many casinos, other players find it a form of etiquette to bet on the hand that most of them are playing on.
  • Playing baccarat in land-based casinos can result in some level of risk. For one, you are likely to win a lot of money, and people at the casino are also likely to lose a lot of money. They may decide to take out their frustration on you when you walk out of the casino. Also, considering the fact that most people play at night, the level of risk is much higher. All this risk is skipped when you choose to play baccarat online.
  • Keep in mind the baccarat rules that also apply to playing baccarat online.
  • You can take advantage of the bonuses offered by most online casinos. These can be bonuses for inviting friends, joining a betting site or placing an initial bet.

Disadvantages of Playing Baccarat Online

  • You do not get to play with other people and can therefore not take advantage of their understanding of the game.
  • Also, you do not get to meet people and therefore miss out on the social aspect of playing at the casino. 

We hope you no have all the knowledge about baccarat rules needed in terms of how to play baccarat online. There are numerous online casinos where you can play baccarat online live. Click any of the buttons to start playing baccarat online. Here is also a more specific guidance on winning at baccarat.